Reassuring Your Parents that Studying a Music Degree is the Next Step



Although the music industry has more opportunities than ever before, it is fiercely competitive, so it’s understandable if your parents have some anxieties with your choice of career!

Here are some handy facts you can present to your parents to justify your excellent choice!

    • Echo Factory degrees are experiential and vocational, so you learn about the industry through first-hand experience
    • Our unique ethos and teaching methodologies will ensure you are given the best possible chance of succeeding, to the extent that you get to launch your career as part of the course!
    • You will gain in-depth knowledge of the music business and develop transferable business and entrepreneurial skills that can be applied to any industry.
    • Over the duration of your course, you will develop communication skills and gain confidence through learning new technologies and working with diverse organisations on projects.
    • Increasingly, music students are not working for single employers so we develop career portfolios by presenting a variety of career opportunities e.g. teaching, running a band, live events and/or working on a commission.
    • Our courses recognise the need for a range of competencies and knowledge across all areas of the industry, teaching the importance of marketing, budgeting and project management.
    • Our degrees will instil confidence in your presentation skills whilst developing your knowledge of learning demographics, copyright, and intellectual property.
    • Our courses are tailored and flexible where within the 2nd and 3rd years, we guide and support our students’ projects and work-based learning to suit their enthusiasm and expertise.
    • The teaching team are all current industry-professionals and can support bespoke networks and contacts as part of your studies.
    • Echo Factory teaches skills in networking along with providing exclusive networking events where you will master the craft of creating new contacts and cementing lifelong relationships.
    • For performers, the curriculum demands you play outside of your comfort zone, so you can learn and gain complex techniques along with music theory to provide a backdrop empowering you to work within a vast range of performance opportunities.
    • Through our development, you will aim to see the opportunity of perceiving music as work, not only pleasure, although we aspire to combine the two!


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Our experience with Echo Factory was positive from the very start.

In contacting the establishment we were able to speak directly with the Director of Studies right from the beginning. He was keen to find out about George’s capabilities, skills, knowledge, achievements and creative talent as soon as was possible.

It was made very clear that the student’s development as a creative musician and performer, sat on an at least equal footing, to that of the ‘academic’ evidencing process.

In the creative/performance aspects of his studies, he is absolutely in his element and Echo Factory staff at all levels, have done their utmost to support George in all areas both developing his ‘strengths’ and supporting him with perceived ‘weaknesses’.

George has developed friendships/relationships with a variety of individuals/musicians from across a wide range of disciplines within the cohort.

Parent of George (current Music Performance student)