How to develop your own unique style 

and stand out from the crowd. 

  • by Misha Nikolic


Have you ever wondered what makes some musicians sound so distinctive and instantly recognisable? Having your own voice and signature sound is really important if you want to succeed in the music industry.

The problem is, it seems every chord progression has already been played, style developed and technique imagined. Every time you think you have “invented” something new, you find out it has been done before and the idea of having your own sound seems impossible!

The good news is you are already unique and there is only one you in the world. The thing to remember is that your own style and musical voice (which includes singing, performing, composing etc.) is not about doing something no one has done before but doing the same as everybody else in your own unique way. That is what makes you different from the rest.

Once you recognise what makes you similar or different to other musicians, the next step is to do more of everything in your own way. Repetition is key; you get good at what you do every day. The more technical skill you have, the more you can let your subconscious mind take over as you play. The more comfortable you are, the more creative you can be. It takes dedication and determination, but this is how you build confidence and technique to express yourself freely.

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