Echo Factory has recently been working with Hamilton School on an 8 week Arts Award project with a total number of 42 young people.

Students were given the opportunity to work with 3 professionals, Mr Shay, Daniel Hussla Dee and Kate Rounding as they learnt about what it takes to make it in the global Music Industry.

Eyes were opened to the possibilities of working in the Music Industry through tasks and activities exploring the many roles of the music industry and finding out about how artists work.

Other activities students took part in included:

  • Learning about the Music Industry as part of the creative and cultural economy
  • Applying beatboxing, dj’ing and composing skills with Mr Shay
  • Making and recording an original piece of music
  • Visiting Curve theatre recording studio and recording a song
  • Watching artists perform, whilst reviewing, in order to learn about the crucial role of the media

Overall an amazing 8 Bronze Arts Awards were achieved, and 27 Discover Arts Awards. Echo Factory would like to say a huge congratulations to all students that took part, and a huge thank you to Kate, Mr Shay and Daniel for making the experience as creative, influential, and experimental as possible for the young people.

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