Writing a personal statement for any subject can be a challenging task for any aspiring degree student.

What do you include? How long should it be? What do you prioritise? Do you need to mention your extracurriculars or stay subject specific?



As a music student, in particular, it can often be harder to write a clear and concise statement that expresses your creativity and commitment to launching a professional career, as applying to study music is very different to applying to traditional university courses.

Don’t worry!

Make sure you are ready to launch your application and stand out from the competition with our top tips on how to write a fantastic personal statement for music!



Talk about how you became interested in music/creating music!

Everyone ‘likes’ music; but, if you’re seeking to study on a music degree course, you need to be able to establish key areas that you find interesting.

Are you a performer, a composer, or interested in focusing on production or the business-side of the industry? See if you can explain what it is you want to do/be and how you’ve come the decision to learn how to launch a career in music.



List your musical interests and your ability as well as your experience as a musician!

Make sure to highlight your personal discipline e.g. vocalist, guitarist, drummer, etc. as well as what grades/level of experience you’ve gained in playing your instrument. Many music applicants will be seeking to gain lots of professional experience so you need to outline key things that you think will set your application apart. Have you put on any gigs or entered competitions? Helped tutor younger students or performed for the elderly? You could even talk about work experience opportunities or job shadowing placements you’ve taken.




Give your life story!

UCAS does restrict you to a specific character limitation when writing your personal statement. Less is more, so make sure to be precise in explaining what exactly you like about music and why! Don’t risk losing out in your personal statement by writing lots about your personal history or your module/exam marks. You’re wasting valuable space!



Use the words ‘always’ or ‘passion’!

It’s really easy to claim you’ve ‘always’ loved or had a ‘passion’ for music, but both of these terms are really broad and don’t really *mean* anything on their own. It’s always better to talk about a few things and outline why they interested you and/or helped you develop yourself as an aspiring musician/music industry professional.


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Write about your career aspirations and how your studies will help you get there

The music industry has more opportunities than ever before! Are you a performer, a composer, an aspiring studio tech or are you more interested in understanding the business side of the music industry?

See if you can write about what career (or area of music) you want to pursue and try to think about how the Music Performance or Music Business degree you’re applying to will help you reach the next level in your career.



Consider tailoring your application to your ideal institution

Information is power when choosing a degree and different institutions can use very different modules, approaches, and teaching styles. Make sure the degree you choose is right for you and the institution you choose is one where studying music makes real sense by finding out as much as possible before making your choice

Having been created by musicians for musicians, Echo Factory’s uniquely industry-focused music degrees and personalised, industry-focused teaching, for example, combines rigorous preparation for employability with a nurturing approach to teaching; ensuring that our students are supported and empowered to seek and develop their individual passions for music in whichever directions they choose.

We recommend getting in touch with degree providers directly to speak with them about your career aspirations and find out exactly what they look for in their student applications!


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Our experience with Echo Factory was positive from the very start!

In contacting the establishment we were able to speak directly with the Director of Studies right from the beginning. He was keen to find out about George’s capabilities, skills, knowledge, achievements and creative talent as soon as was possible.

It was made very clear that the student’s development as a creative musician and performer, sat on an at least equal footing, to that of the ‘academic’ evidencing process.

In the creative/performance aspects of his studies, he is absolutely in his element and Echo Factory staff at all levels, have done their utmost to support George in all areas both developing his ‘strengths’ and supporting him with perceived ‘weaknesses’.

George has developed friendships/relationships with a variety of individuals/musicians from across a wide range of disciplines within the cohort.

Parent of George (current Music Performance student)