Music! It’s more than just a hobby!


Do you LOVE music? Do you know your bands inside out? Whether a heavy bassline or strong riff send you into a creative frenzy, or you want to work behind the scenes; there are plenty of ways to make a career in Music!



Careers to suit your creativity!

If you’re willing to develop your skillset and put the work in, there are scores of different jobs in the music industry you can pursue and succeed in!

Professional Musician

Years of lessons and practice combined with the lifelong commitment to refine your sound and build your fanbase; being a musician isn’t for the faint-hearted. But! If you love making an entrance and being in the limelight, there is no better feeling than being on stage!

A&R Representative

If hanging out at gigs, scouting for talent and working with artists to produce albums is your jam, then this is the job for you! Employed by record companies and music publishers, A&R Representatives compete to sign the best new talent as early as possible in their careers.

Music Journalist

Whether you love composing sharp, snappy copy or hard-hitting headlines, or host in-depth interviews and fashion long-form features, the music industry is a treasure trove of fantastic content. The demand for writers (and researchers) to create it is high but so is the competition so start blogging and writing reviews as much as possible to make a name for yourself!

Tour Management

Tour Managers are responsible for making sure concert tours run smoothly by organising and scheduling an artist or band’s appearances at a series of venues, as well as managing the money coming in and going out, and dealing with Promoters and Venue Managers.

Composer / Songwriter

If you’re a creative at heart and your brain is buzzing with harmonies, riffs and lyrics, there’s always a market for songwriters to compose tracks and write the accompanying words. Why not capitalise on your skillset and write the next big hit!

Recording Engineer / Sound Technician

If you’re into your tech and want to make sure the sound of an album or performance is on-point, this might be the role for you! Positioning and setting up recording and sound equipment can heavily influence how the sound is captured and you’ll work closely with Producers and Artists to ensure that levels and the mix are right.

Music Therapist

Learn to improvise with the way natural styles and genres offer sensitive and meaningful musical interaction for people. Whether through social processes that help clients engage and express emotions in a safe and supported environment or by offering 1-to-1 support to help clients feel valued, music therapy is a growing area that can help transform people’s lives!

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