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The cost of living as a student can vary dramatically depending on where in the UK you decide to study. Once you get to university and you’re fending for yourself, you might be surprised how much a shopping basket of essentials or a water bill actually comes to.



Knowing the key costs you can expect whilst studying (and how much they can vary across the UK) will help you to plan your finances, so check out our handy guide on what things you should consider when making a ‘savvy’ choice on where to study.

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Tuition Fees

Many traditional UK universities and specialist degree providers now demand their students pay up to £9,250 per year.

While this is not necessarily an issue if you choose to study at a traditional university (as you will receive full tuition fee coverage from Student Finance England); if you want to study at a specialist school, you will find that your tuition fee loan coverage is capped at just £6,165 per year – meaning that many students have to self-fund the remaining £3,085 difference.

At Echo Factory, we believe that no student should be prevented from accessing the means to launch their career in music!

Save thousands at Echo Factory!

As a specialist music school built by musicians for musicians, we don’t bear the same costs of traditional universities and so – in addition to not charging our performance applicants to audition as part of their application – we choose to keep our tuition fees in line with what loan finance is available – £6,165 per year for those joining us in September 2019.

This means our students can access our ground-breaking, industry-focused courses and state-of-the-art facilities, as well as our one-to-one tuition and mentoring by our team of experienced industry professionals; while saving approximately £9,000 in tuition fees alone!

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According to Save the Student’s National Student Accommodation Survey 2017, UK students spend £125 per week on rent on average, but this can vary widely depending on location and accommodation type.

Name of City

Average Rent (per Week)

Average Rent (per Month)

London £182* £780
Bristol £139 £627
Brighton £122* £549
Birmingham £108 £488
Manchester £92 £414
Leicester £91 £412
All figures calculated from Times Higher Education data except where noted.


Students in London, for example, can expect to pay £182 per week on average to rent a room in a shared house (£780 per month)while students studying in Leicester – the UK’s 3rd most affordable student destination – are charged just £98 per week (£443 per month) in comparison!

That’s OVER £300 cheaper A MONTH, which – when you’re living in the UK’s cheapest city to buy a pint – can add up to a LOT of nights out with your mates!

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On top of rent, you also need to factor in the cost of other expenses like water and electricity bills, food, travel, books, and going out!

Whilst Maintenance loans can help you cover some of your living costs while studying, the amount you can apply for will depend on your personal situation i.e. if you are living with parents Vs. living in student housing (See below).


Full-time student

 2018 to 2019 Academic year 

Living at home

Up to £7,324

Living away from home, outside London

Up to £8,700

Living away from home, in London

Up to £11,354

If your tuition fee is not fully covered, however, and you live in an area with a high cost of living; it can be tricky to make up the difference.

£182 in rent per week in London can add up to a staggering £9360 each year (leaving just £1890 per year to spend on your other expenses!) whereas – even after receiving a loan amount based outside of London – you’d still have £3385 spare after rent if you chose to live and study in Leicester.

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