BMus (Hons) Contemporary Music Performance

Equip yourself with the culture, tech and savvy business skills necessary for a career in contemporary music. Industry-insider tutors will help you develop technique, repertoire and your unique musicianship – whether that’s beat-production, sublime vocal skills or drop-d wizardry. The latest production techniques and social media trends will empower you. Collaborate, network and promote to ensure your future professional horizon is broad.
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BA (Hons) Music Business Degree

Love the music, learn the business… and take your position in the industry. Gain insight, attitude and skill to launch & develop global acts. Study how music really works. Collaborate with artists and industry professionals to develop entrepreneurship skills, business strategy, and crucial marketing intelligence.

If you have an interest in studying for a business degree, you will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed, and, if you are interested in creative industries such as music, fashion, or design, this course is for you.
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In order to ensure you stand out from the crowd and to give you the best possible chance of securing successful employment in an ever-competitive industry, our courses combine a cross-disciplined approach coupled with a highly bespoke and modular learning experience, resulting in you graduating with a broader knowledge and skill base than most other schools.

Studying at Echo Factory 

Studying at Echo Factory will ensure that you develop as an individual as, central to our ethos is that of giving each of our students an increased sense of self-respect and dignity.

At Echo Factory we believe that by arming our students with the right information, training and skills they will be able to make an informed choice about their next steps and how to earn the living they want from the industry they love; and as we all know and recognise, with choice comes opportunity and success!

Our approach to student learning is highly bespoke and our courses are as unique as our students. Everything we do is aimed firmly at preparing our students to take their place on the global music and arts industry stages based on the pathways they develop whilst studying with us.

Music Industry eXchange – Networking Sessions

 A series of interactive sessions, perfect for anyone looking to progress their career in the new global music industry. Whether you are an artist, producer, entrepreneur or teacher who is established or someone who is just starting out, this course will give you valuable insights into how the industry works and how you can maximise your earning potential.


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