Echo Factory tutor Misha Nikolic reveals where a Music Degree can take you!

Can you play, perform, write songs, compose and produce?

There are many exciting opportunities in the music industry beyond being on stage — and most of them you probably didn’t know existed!

Those who can, teach!
The most obvious job you can do as a musician is music teaching. Private teaching or teaching in schools, colleges and universities is a great way to improve your own skills, pass on valuable knowledge on and complement your income. For me, teaching is extremely rewarding, and seeing my students progress and become professional musicians gives a sense of real achievement.

Open the door to creative industries
However, it’s crucial that as musicians we are also creatively fulfilled and credible, and therefore we must find ways to gain professional experience in many areas of music. Music composing, song writing, arranging, music scoring and music supervising are highly sought-after skills. The music, games, film and TV industries could not function without those creative individuals!

Technical wizards wanted
If your strengths are on the technical studio side, you could seek employment in various studios and production houses as a music producer, recording, mixing or mastering engineer. In the film, TV and advertising industries musicians with talent for creating sounds/folio and sound effects can find their dream jobs. You could be a voice over artist or recording/ editing / field recording engineer.

And the list goes on…
Other career opportunities include being a radio music presenter, DJ, Youtube influencer, music blog writer, music/recording equipment reviewer, music editor, music magazine column contributor, online music course designer, sample pack producer, music archive librarian, music library composer, melody writer, record company A&R, talent scout, music manager, promoter, music software equipment specialist/installer, music consultant, music equipment/instrument demonstrator, music booking agent, music merchandise agent, music app/software designer/producer… the list goes on! Not to mention the likes of Spotify and similar music companies looking for music experts and playlist creators!

At Echo Factory we develop your unique talents and enable you to follow your passions in the direction you choose. We connect you with companies in the music and creative industries for work placements, and teach you skills to succeed in the real-world.

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