Living in Leicester

A Reinvented City in the Heart of the UK.

Just over an hour by rail from London, Leicester – one of the oldest cities in England with a history stretching back 2,000 years – is now back at the centre of attention.

Catering for a student population of over 35,000, Leicester remains one of the most affordable destinations for student life (£6,000 per year cheaper than London and £3,500 per year cheaper than Brighton or Manchester).

It’s a city small enough to quickly feel at home – yet with so much to explore and inspire.

Leicester has a thriving music scene with major venues like 02 Academy and De Montfort Hall bringing in international acts, alongside more intimate venues such as The Musician, Firebug and The Cookie hosting national touring bands and the best of Leicester’s buzzing music scene.


Leicester is enjoying a new resurgence musically, culturally and economically. It is one of the UK’s fastest developing cities, equalling London for growth, in recent years.

Leicester’s energy and new found confidence is boosted by its diversity, with the largest Diwali festival outside of India and a Caribbean Carnival that gives Notting Hill a run for its jerk chicken.


Its excellent shopping facilities, outstanding range of restaurants and lively nightlife make Leicester a great place to live.

Leicester gives all the benefits and facilities that one can gain from a metropolitan city yet also has a very friendly and safe atmosphere. With the city-centre location of Echo Factory you will never feel far from the action!

Check out some of our favourite bars, clubs and shopping areas…

Orange Tree

The Exchange

Mosh Nighclub

Highcross Shopping Centre

The Basement

The Turkey Cafe

St Martins Square

Clarendon Park Road Bars and Shops

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