Applying for university study can be confusing and with the huge range of courses available, it’s important to find the degree that’s right for you. At Echo Factory, our degrees are uniquely industry-focused and are personalised to best guide and support each student’s unique career aspirations.

Check out our handy guide and make sure you are ready to launch your application and stand out from the competition!

1) Don’t be afraid of the financial cost!

An undergraduate degree is an investment in your future and – whilst most students now graduate from university with an average debt of approximately £44,000 according to a 2014 Fiscal study – the good news is that if you’re savvy and choose the degree and institution that’s right for you, you can drastically reduce the cost of university life.


2) Don’t wait until you graduate!

As a private institution whose degrees are heavily focused around developing real-world experience and professional networks within the music industry, we pride ourselves on helping students build the practical skills and entrepreneurial understanding so that they can launch careers in music that are both successful and sustainable.

60% of our second-year students are already earning paid gigs or launching their own businesses and there is no reason why you can’t join them!

3) Attend an Open Day!

The music industry is fiercely competitive, so it’s understandable if your parents may have some anxieties with your choice of career! The music industry has more opportunities than ever before however and visiting your chosen institution for an Open Day or personalised visit will allow you to:


  • Learn more about your chosen music degree course
  • Spend time with course and instrumental tutors
  • Get valuable guidance from industry professionals
  • Tour the facilities and find out how classes are taught
  • Explore the local area
  • Find out about commercial or collaborative opportunities

Join our next Open Day or book a personalised visit!

4) Ask Questions!

Information is power when choosing a degree! Set yourself apart and make sure the degree you choose is right for you by finding out as much as possible before making your choice.

There are plenty of questions to ask and not all are found in the FAQs, so be sure to chat to students and find out their first-hand experiences of studying, grill lecturers about the modules you’d be studying, and interview staff to uncover what you really want to know (and what’s not written in the prospectus!).

5) Seek Support!

At Echo Factory, we are equally dedicated to supporting our students throughout and beyond their time with us.

We also believe in keeping our class sizes small so that our staff know all our students by name. This allows us to provide dedicated, personalised, industry-focused teaching that develops our students’ abilities both as musicians and entrepreneurs.

By combining rigorous preparation for employability with a nurturing approach to our teaching, we ensure that our students are supported and empowered to seek and develop their passion for music in whatever direction they choose.

6) Seize the opportunity!

Despite its competitiveness, the music industry is BIG on collaboration! When considering your choice of where to study, research what opportunities are available in the area for you to add to your portfolio and CV as this will be a big step in helping you launch your career as a professional.

At Echo Factory, for example, our degrees are uniquely industry-focused; helping students to build relationships and collaborate with any of the 300+ creative businesses surrounding our Leicester Cultural Quarter location and beyond! You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial ventures of your own through exciting collaborative projects with others across our Contemporary Music Performance and Music Business courses.


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Our experience with Echo Factory was positive from the very start!

In contacting the establishment we were able to speak directly with the Director of Studies right from the beginning. He was keen to find out about George’s capabilities, skills, knowledge, achievements and creative talent as soon as was possible.

It was made very clear that the student’s development as a creative musician and performer, sat on an at least equal footing, to that of the ‘academic’ evidencing process.

In the creative/performance aspects of his studies, he is absolutely in his element and Echo Factory staff at all levels, have done their utmost to support George in all areas both developing his ‘strengths’ and supporting him with perceived ‘weaknesses’.

George has developed friendships/relationships with a variety of individuals/musicians from across a wide range of disciplines within the cohort.

Parent of George (Current Student studying Contemporary Music Performance)