Mind the Gap! Top Tips to Consider Before Taking a Gap Year.

Looking forward to a year of Full Moon parties or hanging with the orangutans in Borneo?  Maybe you’ve considered working for a year to raise funds?  Or perhaps you feel you need to work on developing current music opportunities first?

Here are some points you should consider…

1. Be Employable

Picking fruit in Australia may float your boat, but will it look impressive on your CV? Unless you have a clear plan as to how a gap year will enhance your music career, evidence suggests that prospective employers will think twice about hiring someone without drive, ambition and a clear sense of direction. In a competitive environment, music managers and producers want to see that you’re determined to make it in the industry from the word go.

2. Seize the Day

There really is no time like the present. The great thing about studying at Echo Factory is that you launch your career as part of the course. You gain real-life industry experience from year one, which often includes paid work. Our courses are tailored to you and your goals, so why take the unnecessary risk of delaying when the opportunities are there for the taking?!

3. Have a Plan

Ask yourself: “WHERE is it that I want to be with my music career and HOW am I going to get there?” Do you see yourself tearing up the main stage at Download, producing songs for a top artist or managing and promoting the next big act?  These require preparation, knowledge and contacts.  All of which you will gain as part of your studies.  Echo Factory gives advice on how to achieve your goals and will prepare you to make it happen.

4. Have Confidence

You may think taking a year out will allow you to write epic songs, develop your performance skills at open mic nights or to gather a big following on SoundCloud. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your talents and interests throughout your studies.

Echo Factory auditions/interviews are relaxed and encouraging with tips given on how we can support you in achieving your dream. We’re more interested in your potential than anything else. If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

5. Be Well Informed

Consider whether it’s wise to postpone your career. Have you thoroughly researched the best route into the industry? Do you know all the steps you need to get there? If you’re uncertain, ask yourself what information you need to help you make your decision. Echo Factory’s team of music specialists are more than happy to have an informal chat to answer any questions or help with any concerns you may have.

6. Consider Finances

The sooner you start training for a music career, the sooner you’ll be making money doing what you love. In fact, Echo Factory urges students to have a business mindset from day one; we actively encourage students to get experience through paid work right from the start of the course. Our competitive tuition fees offer great value for money and the cost of living in Leicester is much lower too!

7. Be Constructive

If you’re determined to take a break from studying, use your time wisely to prepare for next year. When planning your future career, identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Address your areas for improvement. Perhaps you could do with working on your vocal riffing, instrumental, sight reading, theory or production skills? Echo Factory offers advice and support to prepare you through 1:1 lessons, short courses and masterclasses.

Contact Echo Factory now for advice about studying music or launching your career! 0116 253 5657 info@echofactory.co.uk