Launch a Career in Music 

The music industry is hugely exciting and has more opportunities than ever! That said, it is known for being fiercely competitive. So here are 7 top tips to help you land your dream job!

1. Be informed

Endeavour to build your skills, experience and qualifications as appropriate. Many professionals have expressed that motivation and a strong desire to continue learning is imperative for your progression. Whether that is developing instrumental technique or creative practice, enhancing knowledge about associated technologies or extending your understanding of specific areas of the industry. Take any opportunities you are offered to attend; courses, seminars, presentations to help broaden your knowledge and increase your skillset.

2. Don’t give up – ever!

Be prepared to work hard and put the time and effort in. Don’t let setbacks defeat you, everyone has times in their career that are more challenging. Every experience, successful or unsuccessful is something you can learn from! It helps to be fit and healthy, which isn’t always easy with tours, late nights and sometimes the fun of a rock and roll lifestyle, but it is important, as you need stamina and determination to achieve your set goals.

3. Have a plan

It is useful to have a plan of action to move your career forward. This may include developing new contacts, gaining new skills through a degree course, enhancing your marketing or working on new material in the studio. Evaluate what has worked well for you, what you need to do next and then draw up a plan to make it happen.

4. Take Opportunities

When you are first setting foot in the industry there are several different roles you may be offered (intern, freelance, temporary contract). Take as many opportunities as you can so you can start to build up your reputation within the industry. This can lead to future work and help you gain that all important experience on your CV. It is also an opportunity to find out what roles you don’t wish to pursue!

5. Network

A key tool within the industry is your ability to establish relationships with a wide variety of industry-professionals. It is important that you attend networking events and develop your craft of communicating with others. The creative industries relies heavily on who you know, so having a strong ability to build relationships will be beneficial for future work.

6. Collaborate

Creative work often benefits from collaboration and partnerships. Working with a variety of people can push you out of your comfort zone and into new and interesting artistic territory. Partnerships enable individuals and organisations to work and learn together, often strengthening the quality and value of the product, project or relationship.

7. Enjoy yourself
Lastly, it is a fantastic and varied industry to work in, and there are so many interesting and talented people to share the journey with. So make sure that you work hard and channel your passion into everything you do!