Echo Factory was created by musicians for musicians.

To provide the highest level of professional music training.

Echo Factory gives you 360 degree knowledge of the global music industry. From performance to production to promotion.

Echo Factory gives you one to one guidance and flexibility.  To shape your future.  To take advantage of a constantly changing industry.

Echo Factory gives you experience.  Learn in our live venue, collaborate with artists, work with professionals and run our record label!

Our next Open Day:

Saturday 18th August 2018, 2pm-4pm


– Meet the tutors
– Get guidance from industry professionals
– See what it’s like to study with us
– Tour the vibrant local area


How to Enrol

We’ll be happy to answer your questions you may have about Echo Factory….

Call us today on 0116 253 5657

“I’m delighted to be working with the Echo Factory as a global ambassador, I believe strongly in their message and, more importantly, the ethics behind the school. In taking a holistic approach to music education and allying it with an awareness of what it means to be a musician in the modern world, the Echo Factory is creating a formidable skill set for the graduating student for years to come.”

Credits: Kylie Minogue; Pixie Lott; Duffy

Tom Meadows

“Music is such a broad and varied area to work in and it takes time and experience to get a grasp of that breadth. Echo Factory fast forwards that process to give students a thorough knowledge of the many aspects of music, as well as prioritsing staying current with what is happening in ‘the real world’. I’m excited about what Echo Factory can achieve and I am honoured to be an ambassador for what I believe is forward thinking music education.”

Credits: Kylie Minogue; Sugababes; Christophe Willem

Dishan Abrahams

” After having been an international musician for two and a half decades and having seen the challenges that young musicians face, I can honestly say that Echo Factory is the one institution of music that integrates the skill sets of art and business in their pathways, and does not keep them separate, all the while respecting both aspects equally. ”

Credits: Eric Johnson, Sting, Carlos Santana

Amit Chatterjee