Echo Factory & Rhetoric Announce their 2016 Collaboration @ MI-X Industry Networking Event!

Echo Factory are extremely excited to announce their 2016 MI-X Event in collaboration with spoken word company Rhetoric.

So save the date! 7th July @ Echo Factory’s brand new premises


We met up with Boston Williams from Rhetoric, and I stole him for half an hour to ask him about his thoughts on the upcoming event, and asked for a sneak peak performance in the video below!

1) Can you tell us about Rhetoric?

Rhetoric Literary Society is designed to help the modern literary artist in their creative and professional development. Currently we run quarterly shows in Leicester, the next one being at Echo Factory. We put on a monthly show in Harrow, we have a storytelling radio station called ‘Boo-Key Mark’ ¬†and we also have podcasts, where we discuss local current issues around culture and art. In the past we’ve run creative writing performance workshops in Gambia, West Africa. We have recently been to Spain to turn our creative writing heads on! We have supported lots of different projects up and down the country.

2) How do you think an event like this could inspire our future generation of music entrepreneurs?

These types of events inspire artists and people involved in the creative sector by showing that you can actually have a sustainable career within the music and creative arts industries. It is always that leap of faith, which is the hardest thing, do I quit my day job, or quit the thoughts of going into a career with a set path, and become a full time artist. There is no set answer, no set way to do it, but these events can show people that it is possible.

3) What are you aiming to achieve out of a MI-X collaboration with Echo Factory?

We really want to create some strong professionals partnerships with organisations that are like-minded, and have the same ethos and work ethic as us. We just hope to deliver an awesome event, giving something where our fans will want to find out more about Echo Factory and like wise with us.


To find out more information on how you can attend our MI-X Industry Networking Event you can contact us on any of the below:
0116 253 5657
@echofactoryuk – Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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