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At Blackstar, everyone is a musician and they understand the importance of great tone, whether practicing at home or on stage in a live environment. All their products are designed to be world class in both quality and tonal performance while giving you the guitarist the tools you need to find ‘the sound in your head’.

“Blackstar are proud to partner with Echo Factory. The ethos of Blackstar is to support  musicians and encourage young people to pick up an instrument, and stick with it, so they can find the immense enjoyment of expressing their art.  This is supported by Echo with their impressive training programs and state of the art facility. They offer courses in all areas of the music business which benefit the student with balanced and much needed skills for their future career.  I have no doubt we will be seeing  the stars of the future coming through the Echo Factory doors and Blackstar are happy to be part of that journey.”

Joel Richardson – Head of Marketing  

PatrickEggleGuitars copyWe build quality guitars with soul, individuality, wonderful sound and dazzling good looks. We aspire to be recognised by the guitar-playing world as the best in everything we do.


Focusrite is a global music and audio products group supplying hardware and software products used by professional and amateur musicians, which enables the high quality production of music.

The Focusrite Group has two established and rapidly growing brands; Focusrite and Novation. The Focusrite brand makes audio interfaces and other products for audio recording musicians. The Novation brand allows its customers to make electronic music using synthesisers and computer-enabled technology. Each brand has over 20 years of quality sound heritage and is well established in the music making industry.


The Performing Right Society, later PRS for Music, was founded in 1914 by a group of music publishers, including William Boosey and Oliver Hawkes, to protect the value of copyright and help provide an income for composers, songwriters and music publishers.


Echo Factory courses are validated by University of Wolverhampton.



The Dube is a stylish cube percussion instrument, with four playable sides each producing their own unique sound.



Midlands premier independent music venue. With live music at least six nights a week, it holds 220 people and features comfortable seating, full disabled access, easy parking and a selection of real ales.

Echo Factory is proud to work closely with a promoter who genuinely cares for (and pays!) the acts they put on. Through Forty Tenth Promotions, Echo Factory students have had the opportunity to support some fantastic touring artists.



At Drum Workshop, The Drummer’s Choice® is more than a slogan, it’s a fact. After more than thirty years of innovation and tireless dedication to improving the way drum products are made, DW drums, pedals and hardware are the standard by which all others are measured. To get here, it takes more than a working knowledge of the instrument or a few good ideas; it takes a true passion for designing and manufacturing the very best.


Gretsch Drums is an iconic American drum brand manufactured in Ridgeland, South Carolina. For more than 130 years, our award-winning company has been providing “That Great Gretsch Sound” to drummers around the globe.



“The Musicians’ Union (MU) were pleased to be invited to the inspirational Echo Factory MIX event, meet students, and see the excellent facilities now on offer. The MU look forward to working collaboratively with Echo Factory going forward and advising students on the range of essential services we provide to our members as they make their own personal journey through the music industry”.

Stephen Brown – Midlands Regional Organiser


Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited acquired the Novation Electronic Music Systems Limited business, a market-leading British producer of keyboards, synthesisers and controllers with products used by musicians globally. The addition of the Novation brand has further expanded the range of products and customers of Focusrite into the electronic dance music (‘‘EDM’’) segment of the market, the fastest growing music making segment according to 2014 International Music Summit Business Report.


The Music Producers Guild was conceived and is supported by producers and engineers who are passionate about all aspects of making and recording music. It is a not-for-profit company and is run by volunteers from the membership.

Horus Music is a 360 Degree Music Service Company that works to help artists of all abilities achieve their goal and ambitions around the globe. We are successful in the areas of online and physical music distribution selling your music to hundreds of stores around the world, music synchronization via our publishing division, artist management, live music promotions and we even have our own independent record label.


Specialists in web design & development, graphic design and bespoke software development.

RedScarRedScar is an award winning, inventive and refreshing film production team based in the Midlands creating unique and exciting commercial film, web video. event filming


A Music PR Company specialising in Music Promotion, Band Promotion and Entertainment in the UK. Great PR promotion, marketing and development services, including Brands and Mobile App promotion.