Music Production & Digital Technologies

As part of our degree courses you will gain skills and experience in music production within a studio environment. 


You will run a record label in our recording studio, and work with emerging and established artists.


Our live venue provides the perfect opportunity for you to gain experience using your sound engineering skills.

We focus on your individual talents and distinctive creativity. We give you one-to-one tuition, mentoring and guidance from our tutors, who are experienced music industry professionals. Our teaching takes places in the real world, enabling you to launch a successful career in the music industry. Our students are part of the future: not as bystanders, but as makers, performers and creatives!


Our gig circuit venue’s leading edge tech is your home to learn quality self-mixing & lighting tips for small systems, tweak personal on-stage mixes on your android/IOS … and demystify the top live engineer magic of a BIG live sound.

Studio :

By graduation, you’ll know how real studio pros make great records. You’ll either be able to deliver high quality iTunes, Spotify, vinyl etc. standard mixes and masters yourself… or know when it’s best to deploy your top talent as a musician or label boss,  and how to ‘collaborate-in’, or hire the very best production and mastering expertise. You can also choose to specialise by year 3 so that one of your main instruments effectively becomes ‘the studio’! 

Record Label:

You can help run our brand new label, led by an ex major-label A&R head. You’ll know who does what and why, how to find the right person at  PolyVersal EMG Records Group, and what to discuss… or how to be one of the hugely trending boutique record labels yourself –  with your own publishing company!

Why Echo Factory?

Some of the World’s Finest!


We don’t just believe in teaching theory for the sake of it. You will be taught by some of the world’s finest educators who have the real-life experience and know-how of making it in the music and related arts industries today.

We also believe that to be at your best you cannot simply focus on Western Contemporary music which is why at Echo Factory you will derive a deeper and richer appreciation for musical styles from across the world, and their application to the Global Music Industry.

All courses offer you the opportunity to create your own structured and vetted business plan should you wish to start your own venture upon graduation, and to give you the best possible start all students are encouraged to participate in and benefit from Echo Factory’s in-house Talent & Career Development Service which includes:

• Artist management • Industry exposure • Access to the Echo Factory’s record label


Studying with Echo Factory


This course equips you with all of the skills, knowledge and real-life experience to successfully embark on a career as a performing musician (bass, guitar, drums, vocals) whether that be as a signed artist or professional session musician.


Not only will you achieve a significant enhancement of your technical ability and understanding of the various musical styles and disciplines utilised in the modern global music industry, you will also develop the entrepreneurial acumen required to be a successful musician in the 21st Century.


In order to ensure you stand out from the crowd and to give you the best possible chance of securing successful employment in an ever-competitive industry, our courses combine a cross-disciplined approach coupled with a highly bespoke and modular learning experience, resulting in you graduating with a broader knowledge and skill base than most other schools.

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