Continuing Professional Development

Creatively developing today’s educators for tomorrow’s learners…


Our specialist practitioners are pleased to offer bespoke services to schools, colleges, universities and education providers.

Our innovative CPD programmes fulfil ongoing and strategic requirements for staff teams across a range of disciplines and expertise in the creative and cultural industries.

We recognise that we are all learners and our individual strengths are better developed through mutual cooperation and collaboration. Our approach is to encourage educator responsive CPD content and timetabling, where subsequent sessions are mapped as the CPD reveals knowledge and skills gaps. As such, educators may benefit from the involvement of selected students in innovative co- tuition/CPD sessions where staff can contextualise skills and concepts, rather than ‘compete’ with extremely tech-savvy students.

Echo Factory’s CPD packages address business skills, employability and entrepreneurship via software and hardware skills in these technology-driven industry sectors. Exemplar current projects and industry-practitioner delivery ensure educators at all levels can harness leading edge practise and creativity to develop and deliver engaging and informed curricula.

Our ethos

We resist the increasing didactic, prescriptive models of the relationship between the educator and the educated. Our approach emphasises experiential learning, ensuring full utilisation of new technologies to address necessary conceptual underpinnings. Recognising that teaching relies on the successful and convincing relationship between educators, learners and current technology, we address creativity and pedagogy directly by using established and emerging industry-standard platforms. These integrative and responsive approaches promote teaching styles grounded in active learning and differentiation. We do not rely on orthodoxies, instead developing the client’s interests and ethos to maximum effect via consultation and feedback.

Our Approach

Our approach is to be collaborative and creative, calibrated to the needs and aspirations of our client. The first step is close consultation with the organisation to evaluate initial, individual and group needs to develop a meaningful training direction, with adequate scope for subsequent triangulation of goals, needs and content within the planned package.

Our Expertise

We are industry practitioners, business leaders and educators, with specialists in music, sound, media, technology, education and entrepreneurship. We lead, govern, launch, design, develop and support course development and delivery, business and intra- and extra-curricular learner activities.